stories of different souls

Soul 1

Soul 1 (S1) was once failed in love. since then, s1 keeps on searching for the right one. Then she met a guy, who happened to be her so called ‘chemistry’. But that guy seems hard to commit. the guy cant forget his former love. The guy just took s1 as his replacement. s1 noticed. she likes the guy so much and try and try to win the guy’s heart. She did everything and didnt mind of being a scandal as long as the guy is right at her side. ‘Things’ going on and on and on for 6 months until the day comes. The day when s1 realized, that they guy already found his ‘chemistry’. s1 all cried out. S1 now lost in her happy world

Soul 2.

Soul 2 has so much love in her life. She has a perfect guy, smart, good looking, high education and born  in a rich family. they were together since they were in primary school. time goes by and s2  started to feel bored. s2  tried to make a distance. s2 claimed there are no sparks between them. s2  gets close with another guy that unfortunately has similar qualities like her guy. the new guy tried to win the S2 heart. S2 get confused. so S1 gave the new guy a chance. S2 broke up with his so long  childhood boyfriend and the perfect boyfriend let her go for her own good. At the beginning, S2 taught the realationship will last. but suddenly S2 feels that there is something wrong and cant remove her long memory with her ex. She broke up with the guy and came back to her old one. Now, s2 is already engaged. They are waiting for their big day to happen!. lucky her to have such a loyal boyfriend!

Soul 3.

Soul 3 story is quite interesting. s3 is a really lovely and friendly person. whoever gets closer to s3, will fall for her. at the place where s3 works, most of the  guys adore her.  s3 has her own big crush. from all the guys, s3 has a big crush on a coulleage. the guy seems play hard to get. s3 loves it. s3 tried to win the guy’s heart even though s3 knows that the guy is not available. s3 takes the opportunities to get close with the guy because she knows that the guy is in long distance relationship. s3 succeed. now , s3 tried to win the guy’s heart, but the guy just accept her as a friend.they still friend, until now

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