The absence of him…

i wonder how was it like to leave a life without his absence?

i wonder who i want to refer without his guidens?

i wonder who i would ask for help if i need some one to check out my script?

i wonder who is the person who can straigtly answer my questions?

i wonder who would listen me whinning around?

i wonder whose the person i cant trust if its not him?

i wonder who will company me eating if its not him?

i wonder who i can be myself if its not him?

i wonder who is my next source of inspiration?

too many wondering, but the day would come as fast as i dont even realize it.

a friend of mine ask me, can i leave without his absence?

my answer would be, i have to… because i dont have any options…

when i alone i think back, one day, the day will come…

one day the desicion has to be made

and the day is today…

i guess its time for me to train myself

maybe its about time for me to train myself

to train myself to leave without his absence.

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  1. Relaks, everything will ok, kengkawan kat sini kan ramai…

  2. the key is … don’t think that way. sebab, walaupun dia tak ada kat sisi all the time like he used to, it is not that you can’t do some of the stuff like you used to. 🙂

    seminggu terasa perit, sebulan terasa asing, lama-lama ianya cuma satu cerita yang membuahkan senyum dibibir.


  3. errr .. by the way, ini bukan abang nal yang bagi komen tau … kak lin terlupa nak log out dari blog dia. hehehehe ….

  4. thankiu kak lin for the support. you are absolutely rite. im on the phase of perit rite now… but ok lah… ehehehe

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